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Domestic Beers

Coors Light

abv 4.20% - American style light lager.  Crisp, clean and refreshing.  Full of Rocky Mountain refreshment, this light calorie beer has a light body with clean malt notes and low bitterness.

Pint  - 3.00        Pitcher - 10.00

Yuengling Lager

abv 4.50% - Rich amber color and medium-bodied flavor, with roasted caramel malt for a subtle sweetness and a combination of cluster and cascade hops.  Well-balanced taste with very distinct character.

Pint - 4.50          Pitcher - 15.00

Angry Orchard: Crisp Apple Hard Cider

abv 5.0% - Refreshing, delicious, and tastes like biting into a fresh apple.  Combines the finest culinary and traditional cider making apples from all over the world, giving you a complex, yet refreshing, hard cider.  Naturally Gluten Free.

Pint - 4.75           Pitcher - 16.25

Samuel Adam's Octoberfest

abv 5.3% - Rich, malty, amber Marzen that's always hearty but somehow never heavy.  With its roasty sweetness, smooth caramel flavor and light hop character.

Pint - 4.75           Pitcher - 16.25


Cold Draft Beer
3 Floyd's Gumballhead

abv 5.6% - American Wheat ale brewed with white wheat and hand-selected dry hops from the Yakima Valley.  Bright and refreshing with a lemony finish.

Pint - 4.75          Pitcher - 16.25

Sun King Cream Ale

abv 5.30% - Dry, clean ale, low hop bitterness with smooth malt complexity with a crisp clean finish.
Pint - 4.75          Pitcher - 16.25




Toschi Moscato,


Sweet and slightly sparkling with peach and citrus flavors.
Glass - 6.95          Bottle - 19.00

Averdi Pinot Grigio,

A fresh, floral bouquet with notes of acacia flowers, this dry white wine is well-balanced with lively white fruit flavors.

Glass - 7.00          Bottle - 19.50

Santa Alicia Chardonnay,


Expressive, cheerful nose with citrus fruits such as pineapple, mandarin oranges and green apple.
Glass - 7.00         Bottle 19.50

L'Ecole 41, Columbia
Chardonnay, Washington

This wine displays floral aromas of acacia and apple blossoms complemented by starfruit and stone fruit framed with a refined chalkiness.

Glass - n/a           Bottle - 39.00


Toschi Family Red Blend,

Bringing together three strong California stalwarts: Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel and Merlot, the wine features a palate of silky, soft and delicious jam-like fruit.

Glass - 6.95          Bottle - 19.00

Chilensis Reserve Malbec,

Malbec has significant romantic intensity with a predominance of black fruit and spice aromas accompanied by light notes of fresh mint with a touch of vanilla and caramel on the backdrop.

Glass - 8.50          Bottle - 23.00

Santa Alicia Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon,


Lively, bright and intense cherry red.  Fruit-driven nose, ripe cherries, figs, ripe plums with hints of spices like cinnamon, clove, and vanilla.

Glass - 7.00          Bottle - 19.50

Brassfield Cabernet Sauvignon, California

Aromas of black cherries and cinnamon highlight a palate ripe with juicy raspberry and blueberry.  Accents of toasted baguette, mocha and fresh cedar carry through the finish.

Glass -  n/a         Bottle - 39.00

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